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Trimble SiteWorks stake out point.  How to turn off the popup menu?

Question asked by Greg Timmons on Oct 17, 2019

Hi, I'm an Surveyor for large construction company. I've used both Trimble and Topcon.  I've been using both systems for the past 5 years.


I was thinking of creating a small program that works in the background to manually press the buttons to kill the annoying popup menus that Trimble's software creates, but decided not to as Trimble SiteWorks tends to have memory leaks (Runs out of memory or crashes often) TSC7.


What annoys me the most right now is when I press and hold a point, Trimble SiteWorks creates a popup menu that has 3 options.  We are feathering 1000+ feathers per day and it's killing our production time.  Is there anyway to setup a default option so that the menu doesn't keep popping up for every single point?


@ 1000 points per day. 10 hour day. 100 points an hour.  5 seconds lost time per point = 5000 seconds = 5000 / 60 = 83.333 minutes lost due to Trimble SiteWorks popup menu for staking out points.  It takes even more time when you press the menu option of edit point or point information instead of stake point.


With Topcon, I can create a custom point list and press the next or back key to select the next point.  Not sure why Trimble did not create such a time saving method?


Trimble SiteWorks is also a very highly annoying piece of software.  It creates popup alerts you can't turn off unless you press OK button.  These alerts most times are not welcomed as they get in the way of your screen and seeing what your doing.  I'm not sure why Trimble decided to create such a annoying feature, but there have been times I wanted to just toss the TSC7 data collector.  PLEASE create a optional menu so that I can prevent the popup menus from interrupting my work.   RTK active or not??  I can see the screen, YOU DON'T HAVE TO CREATE A POPUP TO TELL ME!  Couldn't record a point because of tolerance?  I CAN SEE THE SCREEN, YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL ME!  Menu popups of the obvious is so very annoying!  Topcon doesn't annoy, just flashes the screen when you lose connection or what not.  I know when Trimble loses connection and goes to X-fill, it has an icon for it.  During that time, while waiting, I could be planning my next move, but the software just wants to annoy any user with a popup if the obvious!


Topcon allows you to change the font sizes, color, background color, the shapes of the csv points, the screen moves and keeps you centered, etc.  Trimble seems to be stuck on white background, black X for points, very small fonts that requires you to run Windows Magnifier, and the screen only moves when it thinks the cursor went off screen.  Half the time the cursor goes off the screen, Trimble SiteWorks can't seem to follow it.


I feel Trimble wants to make it's stuff idiot proof, but hey!  What about the professional users, the ones with college diplomas and certs?  The advanced users?  We do need a advanced mode switch for Trimble users that are not idiots!


So, any solutions?