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SNM941 Verizon SIM Connectivity Issues

Question asked by Barry Dikeman on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2019 by Thomas Mauriello


A little background: 

We use an IBSS and SNM940 units via Verizon MIFI boxes for connectivity on 8 pieces of equipment (all Hitachi or Deere).  We recently upgraded one of the SNM940 units to an SNM941 with a Verizon SIM card to (hopefully) circumvent some of the connectivity issues that we were having with the older SNM940s and the MiFi boxes.  


I oversaw the installation of the SNM941 on a Hitachi ZX245 excavator (was previously running a SNM940 so the only thing that changed was the SNM941 and new antennas for the SNM941) and noted the following issues:

  1. After initial startup  there was no signal (CB460 showed the SNM941 as connected but signal icon had an "X" through it) and no correction.
  2. I logged into the SNM941 control screen with my iPad via the SNM941's wifi service channel and configured the Verizon SIM to USA (was default) to Global. About a minute after I did this, signal bar icon on the CB460 (lower right) switched from a box with an "X' through it to 5 bars and the CB460 immediately connected to the IBSS and showed full RTK correction.  I was also able to test the internet connection through my ipad in the SNM941 control panel (it returned status of "connected to internet") and I was also able to load webpages on my iPad while connected to the SNM941's wifi.
  3. after 3-5 minutes of connectivity, the CB460 displayed message of "lost connection to base station" and RTK was lost.  
  4. 2-3 minutes of no connection and would connect again and RTK correction would be established.
  5. The connection/no-connection cycle repeats over-and-over with no set duration (e.g. sometimes connectivity will last for >10 minutes, sometimes only for a 90 seconds and likewise, sometimes the lost-connection time will be <60 seconds or sometimes > 5 minutes.
  6. The cell signal is at full bars regardless of the connection state.

Any ideas on what to try for troubleshooting??


Thank you,