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all satellites turned on but not being seen

Question asked by george webster on Oct 20, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2019 by george webster

I have scs900 software, tsc3 up to date, sps985 rover up to date, sps855 base up to date, ms992 machine receivers up to date, and earthworks machine software up to date.

I have always had gps and glonass turned on. I recently turned on galileo and BeiDou on all components.

according to trmble gnss planning when I should see let's say 30 satellites my base might be seeing 26 but then my rover and machines might only be using 18 to 23. satellites. clear skies.

I ask the tec's at sitech but I don't seem to get any clear answers. this is the first system they have turned on all the satellites. I have read the specs on all my receivers and they say they are upgradable to l5, and l2c signals and such. site tech says they have turned on everything that can but cant really tell me anything about l5 signals and such.

should I be seeing more with my receivers or is this as good as it gets?