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SPS855 antenna height

Question asked by Marcelo Botti on Oct 22, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2019 by James McWha

I am having some troubles setting up the antenna height on a SPS855 mounted onboard a vehicle. The antenna is mounted on a base at 3.00mts from the ground, and no matter what number I type in the antenna height, this value is not use for the ellipsoidal to orthometric (ground elevation) reduction.
The orthometric height use egm96 geoidal model, and the calculation is wrong (short I clould say) by 3mts.
I've been making some measurements with the help of an R10 and these are the figures I get:

Datum WGS84
R10 Latitude:              38°24'28.198"S
R10 Longitude:             69°13'16.275"W
R10 Ellipsoidal Height:    513.925
R10 Orthometric Height:    490.075 [ellip.hgt-(egm96+3.00) = 513.925-(20.85+3.00)]

SPS855 Latitude:           38°24'28.2049"S
SPS855 Longitude:          69°13'16.2730"W
SPS855 Ellipsoidal Height: 513.72
SPS855 Orthometric Height: 492.87

Both equipments are using the service Centerpoint RTX so accuracy is not an issue.

Could I be forgetting some configuration on the SPS855?
What is the purpose of the antenna height value if it is not use to calculate the pole reduction (ground elevation)?

Thank you in advance for your kind help,