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for the devs - TBC is crashing upon DXF drag&drop or import - most likely blocks issue

Question asked by Ronny Schneider on Oct 24, 2019


I've got a "special" DXF from a customer. Crashing happens on all computers I tried.


If I create a new standard metric project without projection etc. BC will crash if I drag&drop the DXF.


We have two templates with projection and geoid for our area, one uses a shift grid and one doesn't.


If I create a new project using the template, with projection only, then BC also crashes upon drag&drop.


If I use the template with projection and shift grid then BC won't crash during drag&drop. I can edit in plan view, but it will crash as soon as I open a 3D view.


Only if I explode everything first it won't crash when opening a 3D view.


Seems to have something to do with blocks. That's something for the developers.