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Slow TBC for Large Projects (some solutions)

Question asked by Scott Lehr on Oct 30, 2019

So over time I have noticed some best practices for speeding up your project file. I have found some of these best practices in these community forums. But a lot of the effort has been put on projects with Surfaces or point clouds.  I have projects that span several months, with multiple crews and many feature codes ad attributes. After a month or so I have noticed the project slowing down. Either in Processing of feature codes, moving points, regenerating views as you zoom in and out etc... 

So I would like to start a thread for others suffering from the same issues. I would also like to add some content on the solutions that have worked for me... All in one place.


The following are things I have done to speed up my projects, please add your solutions in your replies.


1 - Minimize the number of tabs you have open.  If you are not using it, don't have it open.

2-Close the properties window if you don't need it. 


3 - Uncheck the "Save history log": This History log thing, if you don't need it, just produces a massive useless .zip file. I had one project with one that was 750mb. 


4- Importing CAD files and they are causing your project to significantly slow down: In property settings - Display options, Show all lines as solid = Yes. This will speed things up. 



5 - Lots of dynamic Labels seems to slow things down. It also makes your project almost unreadable over time as points get congested. Consider making label styles and applying them to your points. 





6 - For the labels noted in item 5 make sure to use True Type Fonts. They may not look as nice as some of the fancier fonts, but will speed things up. 



If you have other idea on how to make things work fast please add them below!