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Process Panorama. KML and JPEG visors

Question asked by William maestre larrad on Nov 6, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2019 by William maestre larrad

Good morning,

We use a V10 to do quite a lot of pictures specially to record the different stages of the construction site we are working in.

When we want to share the pictures, we normally send the 12pictures at each location. I know that V10 does export KML (Google Earth) and JPEG. I have a couple of question about this formats that I hope someone out there can answer:

  • KML: the link produced by TBC used to expire after certain time. Is this still on? Will my links expire after a month?
  • JPEG: TBC creates a picture in a rectangular shape. (See below). If I try to open it in a standard Windows picture viewer, It doesn't show it as a 360 picture. I have tried a couple of online viewer for 360 pictures but it is even worse. Can anybody recommend a software that does the job?

Thanks a lot for your time.