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Corridor Instructions Request

Question asked by Brian Van Pelt on Nov 7, 2019

2) request for instruction types inside the corridor.

1. Add an option/instruction to set horizontal offsets from the alignment when using a offset table. Currently, we can use plan view lines and offsets from previous node. My project ditch width is constantly changing and the only information for the back of ditch is an offset from the alignment. It would be useful to be able to use this information in a table.


2. Add an option/instruction that allows users to draw to the additional profiles included with an alignment (ditch grades, wall heights, back slope hinges, etc). I know there are a couple different options right now with using node to node or copying the information out to a spreadsheet, then copy/paste back into a table. Seems like drawing or using the additional profiles directly would be quicker and easier in the modeling process.