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Ned help with plans presenting differences from projected surfaces

Question asked by Fredrik Bergstrom on Nov 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2020 by Lee Lovell



I need your help here and i think there is a answer but i cant figure out how to do it and none of the videos for projected surfaces show med how to do it. 


The job is to correct present the difference between 2 projected surfaces (scanned walls) with a grid and maybe a cut and fill map. Its also important to present this and visualize it really good so a person who dont understand all the data can understand the plotted plan easily.


My problem is that the pointcloud does not show in the sheetview even if it does show in the cutting plane wiew with the grid, its only the grid that is showing in the sheetview for plotting. Thats makes it hard to understand what you see, when its only the grid. If you look at the pdf drawing i took some screenshots and added to the drawing just to make it easier to understand that the red border in the picture is the same as the border around the grid but the resolution is to poor so i dont like what i see. I also tried do use the Legend to the C/F map for explaining with colours every mm of difference but the legend does not seem to work for projected surfaces, or should it work?  


If you look at the data i am presenting here, can you help me with a better workflow and a better way to present and visualize this dataset? Im not happy with how this looks right now. 

I also need a correct and nice workflow because this is probably not the only wall in this project we will present this way it could be about 50 so it has to look the same every time of course. 

Maybe you can Alan Sharp?


There is a couple of files attached here.