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Datum Assignment to a shapefile export from TerraFlex - Confirm if WGS84 is True or Not

Question asked by Joel Cusick on Nov 12, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2019 by Tom Harrison


I learned that Exports from TerraFlex assigns shapefiles with a WGS84 PRJ (Datum Tag).  If this is the case, and a user is receiving augmentation NOT in WGS84 (say NAD83 (2011) epoch 2010., what is TerraFlex doing upon export.


Is it.

A) Calling any export regardless of augmentation "WGS84".  Similar to a shapefile export from TerraSync at the device


B) Shifting the Datum internally to WGS84 FROM ether Map or augmentation system to WGS84.  If B., what is the shifter?


I suspect that the answer is A.  If that is the case, its impossible to be "IN" WGS84, and what I am hearing alot of these days is VRS, NTRIP, RTX and other augmentations that many are feeding off of.  This could be a real kick in the pants for someone consuming said shapefile in ArcMap. ArcMap listens to PRJ's (like the ring that Gollum wants) and its very, very powerful.