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Did orthophoto from pointcloud. Is it that bad or am i doing wrong?

Question asked by Fredrik Bergstrom on Nov 15, 2019
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I really need a way to place some kind of picture in my drawings where i have a cut n fill map for a wall. We have scanned the wall with a SX10 and to do my presentation more understandable i need some kind of photo on that box. I would like to see the pointcloud there but that does not seem to work in TBC so i tried to make a orthophoto intstead from my pointclud. The problem is that the photo hets totally black but if i zoom in i can see the pointcloud kind of hires or it gets totally white. I have tried to make it with true colours, grey scale, depth and so on but nothing works. I have used a setting of 0.001 in resolution, maybe thats the problem?