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Takeoff Report Customisation

Question asked by Sam Williams on Nov 21, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2019 by Thomas Tomsu



I run a lot of takeoff reports using TBC, I generally send these report off to our estimators for bidding ect. They are busy people and just want to core information.


I am struggling to customise the takeoff report to remove some of the excessive information, generally I think the takeoff report is fantastic but I would like to change 2 main things:


1. I want to report the total area and volume of my site improvements but not each individual site improvement (currently it reports every time I click in a new area, for some housing projects this makes the report 50+ pages long!). I understand this is useful for pads or items with the same construction that you want to segregate in the report but when its a road or a very big job where the estimator just wants to the overall volume and area it is irreverent.

Note* - Unpicking "Individual site regions" does remove the site improvement breakdown but also the total quantities.


2. I have been asked a number of times to explain what construction depths I have added to works elements, currently I summarise this separately in an email but it would be amazing if TBC could add a simple breakdown of the improvement makeup (as it appears in the MSI manager) onto the report. That way whoever looks at the report can see what depths have been allowed for.


I have attached an example takeoff report marked up which what I am looking to achieve, would be great to know what is the best way to go about it.


Currently I break the PDF up after export which is getting tedious.


Many Thanks!