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Question asked by Guest on Nov 25, 2019

I have trhee questions about as work with Trimble connect:


1. When I export since TEKLA to TRMBLE CONNECT (with direct link) , is possible to select the "propieties assembly" with some attributes of ADU? is possile when I export IFC but not when the direct link,


2. Is possible in the TRIMBLE CONNECT (direct in the software o by API) to create default filters of ADU? The method current, we should seek the attributes in all the list "GROUP BY: and it’s not very practical


3. In the environment to TRIMBLE CONNECT we want to controle the status of all the models in execution. Is possible to visualitze all models (with the SATUS, question 2). We can to move the coordenate but this soluction we don't like.... Can you give me some idea about some tool of Trimble connect o to development about API?



Thanks for your help!!