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Superelevation instructions

Discussion created by Marian Plucinski on Nov 24, 2019
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I am having a hard time understating how TBC is executing superelevation instructions in corridor modelling.


I have created a dummy corridor with multiple material layers. Typical XFall -3%, max superelevation 6%. All material layers 250mm deep, defined at +/- 5m offset with -3% slope. Typical section on the straight is a simple crown.


When all nodes are on top of each other, I am getting exactly the results I was expecting when superelevated. Please see screenshot below:

Screenshot 1. Max superelevation of 6% applied with no dramas.


But when I move one of the nodes left or right, it all falls apart:

Screenshot 2. Max superelevation of 20.91% instead of 6%


I have marked up in red the only difference between both templates.


Below is the video showing how drastically changes the execution of that template.



I know how to fix it (superelevate only Finished layer and define Material Layers as delta OS/delta elevation), I just want to know why its happening...