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FEATURE REQUEST:  Adding multiple FXL

Question asked by Francisco Guerrero on Nov 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2020 by Francisco Guerrero

  This year has been a step in the future learning and using TBC more.  Some great feature and some still left to be added.   The FXL has been updated now to where you can update you FXL libraries and not loose linework by importing a updated FXL.   I have now run into another wall with the FXL.  I have created a FXL for all my pre-construction topo and all point and lines are relayer when processed.  Well,  now I am starting to do post construction topo and I only have one FXL all going to the OG layers.  


  I request that we be able to add another FXL into TBC !  The only way I can think of for now is redo my FXL changing the featyre layer,  then relayer my pre and post into their own layers.  Is there any other ideas how to work around this for now?