Jesper Nilsson

Automatic local updates of IFC files

Discussion created by Jesper Nilsson on Nov 29, 2019

When an IFC file is updated locally on the computer it would be very helpful if it either auto-update or atleast give an option to do so in the trimble project.


In TEKLA BIMSIGHT there was a function that when you updated your IFC files localy the program noticed an update and gave the option to refresh the IFC file in TEKLA. See attachment for a screenshot of how it looked in TEKLA when an IFC file was updated.


In Trimble this is no longer a feature in the free version. (even tough it was a feature in TEKLA BIMSIGHT) 

I think all of us who have a lot of use of just the free version would be very happy if this feature could be applied to TRIMBLE also in a future update!