Jason Brunetta

5.2 Release Issues

Discussion created by Jason Brunetta on Dec 6, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2019 by tim_mcclannahan@trimble.com

Anyone else having issues with version 5.2 when it comes to the following topics:


Project Cleanup:  Extremely slow compared to 5.1 and has even crashed on me with certain projects that are very small in size.


Boundary Issue:  When creating a surface and adding a surface boundary for that surface, flags appear where breaklines/surface features (contours) intersect with the boundary even though they are the same horizontal location and vertical elevation.


3D View Modeling:  Much harder to add in breaklines on vertices when in 3D Mode (maybe a setting?) Your cursor has to be basically spot on with the vertices for it to snap on.  Was much easier with 5.1.