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Editing Templates in Trimble Connect

Question asked by Gaylynne Carter on Dec 10, 2019
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Basic question but can't seem to find an answer on Google.... Is it possible to edit the geometry settings on a published or for that matter copied template? I have an erroneously assigned point that needs to be an area. The long solution is to create a new template to correct that one issue, but there are actually a couple of them and there are multiple fields etc to them so as a one off fix  - OK - but there must be a better way... .

I'm using Trimble Connect not Insphere so it looks quite different -  (I'm sure I could easily do this using InSphere...)

I've opened what looks like it should be the editing tool - below -, it seems to let me change fields etc but not geometry.

I'm sure tee is an easy and obvious solution!

Please help.