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Question asked by Ruphin Idriss Tchiesseu Tokam on Dec 11, 2019
Hello Community, Today I have a project to locate with precision <10cm the underground cables HTA of my electricity distribution network. I wish to have the technical solution that would be most appropriate. I wish to acquire the TRIMBLE R12 model and a TSC7 controller. To better understand, I wish to know:  1- Is it necessary to have a base station with which the Trimble R12 GNSS Receiver can communicate all the time to ensure the desired accuracy ? 2- Having read about the R12 brochure that is compatible with the technologies "ProPoint", "CenterPoint", "SurePoint", and others, does it require a subscription to particular services and special additional equipment to have centimetric accuracy ? 3- Does the Trimble Access software require periodically reachable access?  I have so many questions but please help me by answering these first questions.  Thank you in advance.  Regards