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TBC Locking  Up in Plan View after Loading CAD File

Question asked by Ben Wall on Dec 12, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2019 by Alan Sharp

I've had problems viewing a Plan View tab after I load up a CAD File (see link).  The 3D view seems to still work fine but the Plan View snaps to (0,0), or close to it, and I can no longer Pan or Zoom.  I've tried Zoom Extents and centering the view on a loaded point but nothing seems to work.  Then it started locking up going to Not Responding in the task manager window.  It is only using 3% of my CPU and about 60%-70% of my RAM.  I've recently updated my video driver too.


I'm using two CAD files.  One loads fine; no problems.  When I load the second it starts to have issues.


I've also attached a video and link the CAD files.  I apologize for the water mark in the video as I don't have screen recording software yet and I had to use a trail version. 


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