Matt Voge

Command Dialog Similar to Autocad

Discussion created by Matt Voge on Dec 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2020 by Matthew Pitt

enhancement request


Alan Sharp


Has there been any thought to adding a dialog/command line option to access commands similar to AutoCAD so a user can switch to a "transparent" command while in another operation.


It would be convenient while selecting objects to be able to switch selection modes, eg. switch from crossing window to by single crossing line, or by diameter from a clicked screen point.  Possibly having the option to switch selection modes by a right click menu or command line dialog.


Also it would be convenient to be able to type in what snap mode you would prefer to use instead of having to turn snap modes on and off or increasing/decreasing snap mode priority.


I understand there are command shortcuts but am unsure if there is a way to switch selection mode when another command is in use.