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Change Elevation Relative to point

Question asked by Stephen Gibson on Dec 19, 2019

I'm running TBC, and I'm creating spot grade points for an ADA ramp layout. I'm trying to set the elevation of one of the points relative to another point and I think I've found a bug. I haven't really used this mode before so it's also possible it doesn't do what I think it should.


The source point is one I've already created, at elevation 67.920. The target point is 5.6' away, and I created it with elevation undefined. I want to use Change Elevation Relative to point to set the target point's elevation so it will fall on a slope of -4.6% projected from the source point. I have several points I need to do this for, and I could do the calculations manually but I thought this tool should be right for the job.


I snap "From coordinate" and "From elevation" values from the source point, "Vertical angle"=-4.6%, and make sure the target point is selected in "Objects to elevate". The first time I clicked "Apply", the target point's elevation changed from "?" to "0.000". Subsequent attempts don't seem to have any effect. I verified the elevation of the target point can be changed (it isn't locked or something weird) by switching to "Absolute elevation" mode and successfully changing its elevation to 65.000. Switching back to "Relative to point" mode, and clicking "Apply" with the above-mentioned parameters entered does nothing. The target point's elevation remains at 65.000.


I was able to duplicate this on a coworker's computer. They are still running 5.20.0 and we got the same behavior. The "Change Elevation Relative to point" command appears to be broken.