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Corrupted pointcloud files, any news?

Question asked by Fredrik Bergstrom on Dec 20, 2019
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I know there is issues with cloudbased services but we need to use them and it has been working for a while but now we are changing from dropbox to onedrive due to office365 and it is som rellay strange things here. Maybe Trimble has been doing some testing or someone else can help me? 


As i wrote we are now changing from dropbox to onedrive (sharepoint) and are just moving the project folders. Every project we move cant be opened with the pointcloud because it says that the file is corrupted. If i move the project folder

Some other place in my computer it works fine but not when i move it to "Fredriks Marktjänst" wich is a local sharepoint connected to onedrive. i does not matter if i disconnect to the internet or just turn of the sync, its the same, the file gets corrupted. If i delete all database files and folders for the pointcloud in the project, open the project again and import the pointcloud again in the project i can save it and open it without any problem in the new spot on onedrive. 

The problem with this is that all regions and surfaces wich are made from the pointclud now is gone. Is there anyway to just replace the databasefiles so we dont have to redo all pointclouds and surfaces in all projects? 


I also tried this:

Copy my project - deleted the database and pointcloud files - opened it and drag n drop the pointcloud - saved it and opened to see that it did work, it did - closed the project - copied all database and folders for pointcloud (that seem to work) - replaced the files in the original project with the files from the project that worked - started the project - It was the same error, corrupted files.......


Right now i have to take every project (200+) and delete the database files in the project, import the pointcloud again and save it in the new location, and also open the original project in the old location and export every surface as a ttm and import to the new project. any other idea would be really great.


Any takers? 


Merry Christmas!