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Feature Request - Stored Cross Sections - View Slope and Input Slope

Question asked by Patrick L'heureux on Dec 23, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2019 by Patrick L'heureux

There have been some fantastic improvements when it comes to importing pdf cross sections. Thank you! This is very helpful and saves a lot of time.


I have some recommendations to improve the process with working with stored cross sections.


  1. The ability to toggle on slopes between nodes
  2. The ability to input slopes instead of elevations
  3. the ability to snap to a stored cross section segment to obtain the slope


Typically when dealing with cross sections input is based on slopes from the profile. I understand that the node elevations come in from the cross section import but when dealing with manipulating stored cross sections, as a user, the ability to see and input cross slopes would be more valuable in a lot of cases. 



Please consider as I feel this would greatly improve the process when working and manipulating stored cross sections! enhancement request