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TBC - Applying measured rounds to adjust point coordinates?

Question asked by Nick Ryan on Dec 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2020 by Robert Hoy

I have measured rounds on several control points that could not be observed via GNSS in attempt to resolve their location. After downloading the data the angles show up under the points in the project explorer, and are labeled as 'enabled', but no adjustment to the points coordinates have been made. I have been looking at the possibilities of either using the traverse adjustment tool to adjust small triangle traverses between three points at a time, but this doesn't give me the adjustment I am really looking for. The other option I have looked at is network adjustment. I believe I would have to exclude all the other points on my job(topo and other control) to make the network exclusive to these points which rounds were measured on. Is this correct?


Are these the normal ways this data is implemented? How would I go about using my turned angles to adjust the location of my points? Thanks for any help you can give.