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Volume calculations between surfaces and projected surfaces

Question asked by Mikko Siivola on Dec 30, 2019

Hi everyone,


I am asking this behalf or our customer.

He has a problem with volume calculations. It is a quarry where they have mapped the original ground before any mining. Now that the quarry has been running for a while and its gone 30m deep they have mapped the main wall.

Bottom of the quarry is also mapped.

Now they need to calculate the volume of the quarry. The problem is that the only way that that wall is drawn correctly is when they use projected surface. The original ground and bottom of the quarry won´t calculate right if they use projected surface. 

Is there any right workflow to calculate the volume?

It would be easy if we could use same projection to all the surfaces, but that is not possible or at least they haven´t found a projection that would be good for all the surfaces.

The wall is negative angle and has a lot of cracks and nooks so just creating a normal surface out of it won´t work.


Any ideas?



Mikko - Sitech Finland