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an unexpected error occurred while updating data Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Question asked by ken burns on Jan 3, 2020

I am running TBC 5.20. Through TBC I ran the "Get GIS Schema" to create a feature code library (FCL). After editing the FCL making sure that all field names and attributes matched what is in the GIS, I then created a code value to be used in the field for data capture. After the field work is completed, the data is then exported to a .jxl file for import into TBC. With the data imported, do a check to make sure that there no errors with the data. Once the data is clean and the file saved, I go to the "GIS" tab to connect to the gis and read features fro gis. After these steps are complete, and the file saved, I run the " Write Features to GIS". That is when I get this error. This had been working and creating a GDB. Now it does not work. I have been going through both my feature code library, which was created from the geo database, and the geo database its self to make sure that both field names and attributes match.

I do not known what this error means.