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Feature Properties Decimal

Question asked by Saif Bin Darwish on Jan 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2020 by Rui Wu

I am having some issues with TBC-GIS Module.


1. Decimal Values - Not respecting set properties.


See attached  "ScreenShot-1". Decimal numbers are set to zero in the FXL file. Yet there are two decimal values by default for "Object ID". This is true for all numerals. How to set to Integer only? and enforce it.


2. After creating properties, I exported to ESRI Geodatabase file. When opened in ArcMap there are additional attributes not needed by the client. How do I eliminate these unwanted attributes from exporting? (See attached *.xlsx files)


3. Is it possible to Edit the fields marked in red rectangles in attached "ScreenShot-2". If yes, how?  or is it possible to have a Macro do this?


For convenience I am attaching the *.vce file.