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Feature Request - Plan Sets - Copy/paste Images from clipboard

Question asked by Patrick L'heureux on Jan 12, 2020

Is it or could it be possible to paste images from a users clipboard into TBC?


I use a lot of screen clips when composing a plan set especially for 3D views. I find it faster to screen clip and paste in Bluebeam than it is to screen clip, save as image, import into TBC (still a manageable process though) and it cuts down on extra image files. The downside to plan sheet prepping in Bluebeam, these Bluebeam pages are not part of TBC plan set so I have to remember to add these in constantly, which adds another step. Ideally I want my plan sets in TBC to have everything so when I hit print plan set. I do not have to do any additional editing in another program. 



Please consider adding the ability to paste images in plan sets.


This is useful for:

  • adding different view shots
  • adding parts of reports; earthwork report


In the meantime, I will save these images and insert using the insert image tool. 



enhancement request


Thanks for considering!