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Name Linestring From Point?

Question asked by steve schuler on Jan 12, 2020

 Is it possible to name linestrings by near points? Many times I get Civil 3D files with feature lines all on the same layer (Ex. "C-TOPO-FINISH") and with no name. Other times I can extract surface breaklines but with unhelpful naming such as "breakline set1234". Either way I end up with linstrings all on the same layer with no easy was to separate them and layer appropriately. I can usually export points with TC,TP, FG, ect. naming and was wondering if I could use near points names to name the linestrings in TBC. Or if anyone has any ideas on to separate them Civil 3D that'd be great too. 


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P.S. Files with corridors allow me to extract links separate so I layer them appropriately before importing to TBC aka (TOC, TP ect) but that's no help here.