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How to switch off the printing of the border line itself when creating Dynaview for printing on A4 sheet?

Question asked by Martin Kalafut (Secondary email on Jan 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2020 by Martin Kalafut (Secondary email

I urgently need your advice regarding the option CREATE DYNAVIEW.


I defined by a rectangle/linestring/polygon/polyline/boundary a portion

of my data model which has to printed on A4 sheets created as a VCL template,

the whole border line (see red arrow on the picture below pointing to border line)

around all area is ALSO printed (what is unwanted!)


I need to avoid it, I do NOT need to print on A4 sheet the border line itself which surrounds

the portion of the data model, which has to be printed!


How to SWITCH OFF the printing of the border line in TBC v5.20 ?