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How to influence DGN/DXF/DWG import to a TBC project?

Question asked by Martin Kalafut (Secondary email on Jan 16, 2020

Is there a way to influence the import of DGN/DXF/DWG files into a TBC project in such way

that I will define the specific layer and its colour in which will appear the data from the source (DGN/DXF/DWG)

in a TBC project?


I mean – is there a possibility to change original layer and original colour for new ones in the TBC project before importing

using some kind of conversion table or so?



Let say that some data in a source DGN/DXF/DWG file are in Layer 1 in red colour, another data are in Layer 2 in green colour. When I import the source DGN/DWG/DXF file, in the TBC are the data in the same layers with the same colour like original source.


I would need to change it – for example – in such way that the original data contained in the Layer 1 in red colour would be placed in the TBC onto the Layer 20 in yellow colour, the data in Layer 2 in green colour from original source would be placed on Layer 30 in black colour in TBC, etc.