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DWG'S not Working in Clash Sets

Question asked by Guest on Jan 15, 2020

     We just installed Trimble Connect onto one of our Computers.  We were previously using Tekla and doing clash detection with it.  We usually used .ifc and .dwg files.  But now with Connect you can use a lot of different files.  So I load a DWG into Connect and everything is fine.  The Model displays correctly.  But when I go to do clash detection it won't allow me too!  If I have two different DWG files loaded.  When I go set a Clash Set the files are highlighted in Red and won't allow you to run a Clash.  Does anybody have any idea what would cause this not to work?  Also I tried saving the files in 2018 and back to 2013 AutoCad to see if it would make a difference.  


Thanks in Advance,

Andy Rose