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Trimble Access 2019.10+ LINE ISSUES

Question asked by Cary Williams on Jan 18, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2020 by Cary Williams

In TA 2019.10 the ability to see the name of the linestring as it is in TBC is a nice feature that has been sought after.  But the step forward also seems to have an issue to complement it: before when you selected a segment of a line (having the explode polylines button checked in activemap settings) you could review JUST that segment for grade/length, etc.  Now when you select the line, the map shows you are only selecting the segment but when you got to review, ALL of the segments show up, in order from pob, and you can't really tell which is which if it is a complex line.  And you can't select within the review to refine the list.   Unless I am missing something can someone from the TA team provide some input or assistance?  We have had to roll back 8 controllers to previous versions because they use the feature so often in the field.