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A Problem with drawings coming from Line Type Editor after importing them into Layer manager (TBC v5.20)

Question asked by Martin Kalafut (Secondary email on Jan 20, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by Martin Kalafut (Secondary email

Hello anybody,


I defined a new line symbol (a line with some signs) for fence using Line Type Editor utility

included with TBC v5.20 as follows (see Picture 1).


I saved it as a non-system file and then, in the Layer Manager I created a new layer called PLOT (fence)

and imported the newly created line type for that layer (PLOT) as follows - see Picture 2 (the plot.ltp file created by the line type editor is attached).


As it can be seen in the Picture 2, the line type for the layer PLOT is only single uninterrupted line, although

I defined a line (in the Line Type Editor utility) with some additional signs on the line

(see the Picture 3).


It seems that the Layer Manager ignores the exact drawings created in the Line Type Editor and simplyfies it.




How could I get exactly the same line created by Line Type Editor for a newly defined layer using Layer Manager

in the TBC v5.20?


Thanks in advance for tips!