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A problem in the TBC v5.20 and Feature Definition Manager when importing user defined line styles contained in a DWG file

Question asked by Martin Kalafut (Secondary email on Jan 21, 2020

Hello to anyone,


I experienced a problem, when I tried to import into a TBC v5.20 project, the user defined line styles which were contained in a DWG file (the DWG file was created from original MicroSTATION DGN file using its Export to DWG option, since TBC does NOT diretly support the import of DGN files in the Layer Manager import new line styles).

First, tried to use Line Type Editor (LTE), however, with NO success, since TBC does not recognize user defined line styles drawn in the LTE. Therefore I tried to use an alternative - it means, create user defined line styles in MicroSTATION v7.


Detail description of the problem is in the attached PDF file. I also attached all necessary files associated to the problem.


I would appreciate to anybody, who could help me to solve the problem.


Martin Kalafut