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TSC7 Issues

Question asked by Karen Anne De Guzman on Jan 24, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2020 by Karen Anne De Guzman

Majority of our crew that's using a TSC7 stumble into these common issues.


1. Whenever they do a full sync on certain projects, the error shown below pops-out and when they click 'OK', the application closes automatically. When they try to open Siteworks once again, another message shows that it's already running when in fact it is not on the Windows active applications list. At this point, they had to restart the data collector to get Sitework running again. 






2. Another issue we are having is, occasionally, when they open our design with text included, the actual text doesn't show up, but the leader line does. These texts are CAD Multiline Text entities and are in the same layer as the leader lines. This is a hit and miss problem. One time they open the design and everything looks good and complete, then once they get out of the design and open it back up, it may/may not miss the text. 





I just want to bring this issues out here to see if somebody else are experiencing these and what have you all done to get around with this problems. Thanks.