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Sheet View Point Symbols in the Wrong Location

Question asked by Alex Culbertson on Jan 24, 2020
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I am running into an issue where my point symbols are not displaying in the correct location when displayed in a dynaview while drafting. I have created a point label style and applied it to two points. The point symbols show in plan view in the right location. Then in sheet view the point symbols are placed very far outside the dynaview. When i turn off "Show point symbols" the default point symbol shows in the dynaview in the correct location. Below are some picture showing the issue.


Alan SharpTim McClannahan Any help is greatly appreciated.


 Plan View showing point symbols in the proper location

Plan View showing point label style with point symbol


Sheet View showing point symbols missing

Sheet View showing point symbols missing in the dynaview.


Sheet View showing point symbol location

Sheet View showing where the point symbols are drawn in relation to page layout. Page layout is in NW corner and symbols are in the SE corner.


Sheet View showing point symbol coordinates

Sheet View showing the location of the point symbols as approximately X=69780 Y=-40770


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