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TBC V5.2 Possible Bug

Question asked by Wayne Welshans on Jan 24, 2020

I'm using TBC v5.2 with patch 2 installed.


My typical workflow for importing survey field data is to import the .spj file to a blank TBC project, do any editing, export it to a .vcl file and import that .vcl file into my main working TBC project file.  With 5.2, when I import that vcl file it is blank.  Even if I try importing that vcl file into a second blank TBC project it brings in nothing.  There are points that show up in the project manager, and if I use the select all command it appears to select everything but nothing is visible and when I select the points in the project explorer they do not have any coordinates.  I've attached an example .spj file that seems to import correctly, and the corresponding .vcl file I made from that that does not import correctly.