Olivier Pellegrin

Some feedback about the last 1.9 TCD release

Discussion created by Olivier Pellegrin on Jan 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2020 by Tero Laine

Hello to the Trimble team.


I took some time to try the new functionnalities offered by the last TCD relase ( Overall It is really nice but I have some issues/remarks on the two mains new features:


1/ Viewing Revit files

   It does not work when the starting view is a 2D View. I try on 2 projects (RVT 18 and RVT 19), and in both i have several 3D views, one is named {3D}, but the starting view is a 2D view and when the file is loaded on TCD, the viewer shows the 2D starting view.


2/ TrimBim export

   It is very nice to have a BIMSight-like export project tool. And I really would like to use it when I want to send to a project manager a specific part of the global Master model. But sadly not very uselfull at the moment because the TrimBim file just mix all objects together without keeping the models segregation.

   Also being able to attach Todos with this file would be very nice.


Thank you, and keep up the good work