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Sub grade adjustment problem

Question asked by ron fucinaro on Jan 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2020 by ron fucinaro

        If I make a subgrade adjustment it shows in the cross section and 3d view correctly, as 'FD adjusted' 12 inches below 'Finish Design'.

       However, if I run a Earthwork Report with 'Finish Design' as the initial surface and 'FD with subgrade adjusted' as the final surface it calculates as fill.   Also, if I create a Cut / Fill Map with the same surfaces, it shows a fill of 12 inches.

      I have even tried switching the initial and final surfaces, but i get the same results,  cut / fill map shows fill, and report shows fill.

       It seen like something is telling it that the 'FD with Subgrade Adjusted' is above the 'Finish Design'