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IFC Rebar Exported from Revit not Shown with Colours

Question asked by James Thorpe on Jan 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2020 by James Thorpe

Reinforcement modelled in Revit and exported via IFC is not being properly displayed in Trimble Connect (desktop / web / mobile). Attached are two snapshots - one taken from TC and one from Navisworks. 


Reinforcement is always shown grey in Trimble Connect whereas the same IFC reinforcement in other BIM collaboration software is displayed with the correct colours (tested in Solibri, BIM360, Navisworks and BIMVision).


It is of course possible to manually change the colours in Trimble Connect and save as a view. This workflow is acceptable for one or two users but is causing too much confusion/disruption as we try to introduce TC to new site teams who are using the reinforcement models on site and really value having colours in the model (we specify that our 3d detailers colour bars by diameter).


This issue was initially raised and acknowledged in support request ref:_00DA0YxVI._5001M1NKTvR:ref over 6 months ago.