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TA Linked File Attributes W/ Pipeline Module

Question asked by Aaron Melin on Feb 8, 2020

When I select a point in Trimble Access - Map using the Pipeline Module, there is a warning when I select a Point with the Code "Weld" and review the attributes. The warning that comes up "Mismatch between FAL information and the stored attributes for this feature. Existing entered attributes will not be editable." This only seems to be happening for Welds... All other codes you can select and hit review, then review attributes. Because of this issue, the AutoMapping and benefits of the Pipeline module wont work.

I've tried to solve this at length, but cant seem to figure out what the mismatch is referring to... The Feature Library looks perfectly fine in the editor. The Tally File has the correct Feature Library within the .dfn, and the same library is selected within the properties of the job. 

My goal is to give each Survey Crew a master As-Built job file that they can link to their daily job files. Then they could use this as-built data and check out the attributes for reference as they work. But there needs to be a seamless connection between the Tally Files and Attributes. This error/warning really crumbles that plan. Seeing that other Point Codes work perfectly fine gives me hope. When I select a Bend Code, all of the attributes work fine and are mapping and editable. See attached.  I attached an example of when i select a Weld Pt, as well as a Bend Pt. One works, the other doesn't...   


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Maybe its a glitch, or perhaps something has fallen through the cracks with my project setup.