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Machine Job Site Design Exporter BUG

Question asked by Dane Myran on Feb 9, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2020 by Gary Lantaff

I am running into a problem or bug when exporting designs.


About half of the time when I select Machine Job Site Design exporter from the Export menu under construction TBCfreezes completely. I am left with no option except to go into task manager and force close the program. It is not file dependent as the same file will not do it all the time and it doesn't do it on every file. It tends to do it more if I export a .dxf or .ttm first before exporting to machine. Once i force stop the program and open it back up and delete the lock file it always lets me export then.


Has anyone else experienced these issues? It has only happened since the latest update. I am running the latest version of TBC. I have made sure all my updates are current on my computer along with drivers. It only happens with Machine Jobsite Design exporter and no other exporters.


Any and all help would be appreciated.