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"Your Project is ready" / "you have been invited" mails

Question asked by Thomas Ligthart on Feb 12, 2020

I have created a project template in the Trimble Connect Web viewer


in this template I have added all our users (engineers / detaillers / project supervisors / workshop crew and field crew)



however, when creating this base project template, everyone in my company recieved an e-mail that they had joined this project (template).



this is a major problem for us. 


I now want to create 20 to 50 of these projects at once (depending on our workload)   (for all our running projects) 


I have to be able to disable the automatic mailing system.



also for future running projects, we invite our complete work force at once, it will (SHOULD) be a given that they can acces the project via the trimble connect app. 



so in short, we need to be able to disable these standard mailings (as an admin or as a project owner)



is anyone else running into this problem? 


Trimble, how are your views on this subject?


p.s. I have also contacted my local support (Construsoft NL) about this, but I thought I would also give the rest a heads-up...


Greetings, Thomas Ligthart