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Trimble Connect for Hololens File types

Question asked by Andrew Joseph on Feb 13, 2020

I am looking for some tips for using the hololens xr10. 

1.   RVT files cannot be viewed on the hololens without using the plugin, when using the plugin and pushing files there is no way to exclude data outside of the 3D view. Even if you area exporting only that view, it still is a huge file size. Is there a way around this?

2.   What parameter in revit determines if the pushed file will display colors?

3.   What exactly does the trimble connect for mixed reality subscription include? More space on the cloud for the larger files, or more priority processing of files on the cloud. I have noticed that certain file types will spend forever converting on the web viewer, or giving me a message that they are still being processed when trying to open on hololens. Is there a way to know if this is because: it is an incorrect file type, or if you need to upgrade your subscription?

4.   Do you have a suggested export format for Fabrication CADMEP files?