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Reproducible Bug - TBC Hang-up on "Machine Job Site Design" Export

Question asked by Samuel Egelhoff on Feb 17, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2020 by Sergey Kolosov

THIS ONLY OCCURS USING A 4K DISPLAY WITH TBC ON FULLSCREEN. I can make this happen in a brand new project from default template with no data in it. When I export a machine job site design every single time I enable MS990 compatibility, I can no longer use or click on TBC. I have to close the program which ends up locking my project files. Task manager does not identify TBC as not responding nor does ALT-TAB do anything. 


This happens with my laptop monitor(4K 16:9) as well as a desktop monitor(4K 22:9). I can work around it by taking TBC off of full-screen but occasionally I fail to remember and it is unfortunate to have to move my project files just to be able to open my project again.