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Trimble XR 10 Won't Recognize Vertical Plane

Question asked by Adrian Motta on Feb 19, 2020

Hi everyone,


Quick question. Does anyone know how big an object has to be to be able to be able to sync a drawing to a site?


We bought our Trimble XR 10 for our plumbing layouts however when I go out to jobsites the XR10 wont recognize objects out there to sync the drawing to the site. There are usually no walls at that point just a 14" high form board that the XR10 won't recognize as a vertical plane. I thought that maybe the color of the board was blending in with the dirt so I tried a black 20" tall box and it still won't recognize it as a plane. The salesman told us we could use this for rough plumbing in the ground and use form boards to align our drawings to sites and later found out from Trimble Support this product is for indoor use. I can't imagine I'm the only person with this issue.


I didn't see any other questions here about this but I was wondering if anyone has run into this problem or has any suggestions? I appreciate any and all info and suggestions!