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Open Closed-Traverse Adjustment on TBC

Question asked by Randy Stoddard on Feb 20, 2020

I'm looking at feedback on how to adjust an Open Closed-Traverse on TBC. I have been looking for this information for a while and all I've found is closed-loop traverse only. Even with this one (closed-loop traverse) I have only found the Compass/Transit/Bowditch adjustments and not much on the Least Squares.


By definition: An Open Closed-Traverse begins and ends at two different, but known points.


I want to be able to have a good/reliable method to adjust on scenarios such as this: 0.5 mile Section Line with two base-lines, one at the beginning and one at the end (see attachment for a graphic example). This will eliminate the "round trip" and at the same time, adjusting the traverse with two known baselines.


I think the community should get clarification and guidance on how to do this on TBC.


Thanks, guys for any feedback either from Trimble or from the community!