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Vertical Design Lock/Unlock

Question asked by steve schuler on Feb 20, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2020 by steve schuler

I'm still very new to this command and there are a couple things that I think I'm misunderstanding.


When creating a vertical design I was under the assumption that all 3D lines in it should be automatically locked, however I am having some that are not and I'm struggling to see what is different about them and ones that are auto locked.


Also, from reading the help file it seems like 3D lines that are unlocked should have their 3D info overridden if a rule is applied to them, but also says the all vertical info is removed? However the original vertical info seems to be used in both cases when I unlock a 3D line.  


TBC Help

"Lock/unlock a line so it is not/is subject to the vertical design rules applied to it by checking/unchecking the Locked box.
Note: If you add a line with existing vertical geometry to your vertical design, it is set to Locked by default. If you then unlock it, the model automatically computes the vertical and replaces the original (e.g., if no rules affect the line, any vertical values are empty or removed)."


It seems like it's better to start with a source 3D line to build off and have all other lines in 2D. I'm just trying to understand the function of the lock/unlock.


Thank you.